Health Insurance and Employee Benefits

Providing and servicing health insurance and employee benefits has long been a "sweet spot" of The Luss Group's.  Our allegiance is to you, our friends, families, business owners and those of you amongst whom we live and work every day.

Our dedication to keeping you ahead of the volatile and ever changing field of employee benefits is indisputable and our 35+ year track record of success on the same village streets, with the same open-door-policy is a small sign of that.

With the Luss Group, Inc as your health insurance broker, we pledge to help maximize your value from the enormous investment you make in health insurance for your family and your employees.

We are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Many of our clients are given our cell phone numbers for evenings and weekends when they have anxiety about upcoming procedures and healthcare issues.  We not only have an office in this Village, we live here and care about our clients very much.

Our positive relationship with the local hospital administrators, pharmacy owners, primary care doctors office and specialty physicians enable us to work directly on your behalf with the very providers with whom you have visited. 

We are humbled that the vast majority of our business in this area comes from referrals of current clients and strategic partners such as attorneys and physician offices.

It would be our honor to help you in the area of health insurance, employee benefits and retirement planning for you and your employees.

Feel free to call us today.